Great Things to do When You’re in Cottesloe, Perth

Great Things to do When You’re in Cottesloe, Perth
November 14, 2019 Admin

If you’re exploring Australia, you need to visit Perth. The city itself is known as the most isolated capital on earth. Perth is a 4-5-hour flight from the popular east coast cities of Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne and is well worth the trip.

Most Perth residents stay in the suburbs with one such place being Cottesloe. Perhaps the best times to visit if you are a tourist are between the months of October and March. You can enjoy our amazing spring and summer weather exploring the beach and relaxing in one of our many Cottesloe bars. You’ll find that the pace of life here is pretty laid back, in fact, Cottesloe is the perfect beach town to just kick back and people watch. So, what else can you do while you’re here?

Visit Cottesloe Beach 

Even if you’re a beach aficionado, you’ll still find Cottesloe Beach completely beautiful. There is mile after mile of clean white sand kissed by beautiful blue ocean. One great thing about our beaches is that the majority are dog-friendly, so Cottesloe is the perfect place for a full family holiday. You might now be worrying about the prospect of stepping on dog poop rather than that pristine white sand. Thankfully, that’s not an issue here as both our residents and visitors alike tend to be responsible types!

Dotted around the beach are many Cottesloe beach bars. Perth residents and tourists have the opportunity to mingle here, enjoying a wonderful community vibe. There are also plenty of shops and restaurants close by.

Watch the Beautiful Sunsets 

While you’re here, you need to watch the breathtaking sunset over the Indian Ocean. An amazing place to do this while enjoying good food, drinks and company is at the Ocean Beach Hotel. Relax and enjoy a few cocktails while marvelling at Mother Nature’s gifts. Bliss!

Play Sports 

If all that relaxation is getting too much for you then you can always partake in a range of sports and activities. Of course, the beach and ocean are perfect for water sports. Additonally, Cottesloe is also home to a golf club and tennis club. If cycling is more your thing, you can hire a bike to go out and explore the area.


While we are on the subject of exploring the area by bike, it’s got to be said that because Cottesloe is so central, it’s the ideal base to explore the local area. Perth City, Claremont and Fremantle are all close by with regular trains and buses running every day.


After a tiring day checking out everything Cottesloe and the surrounding area have to offer, you’re assured of a very warm welcome at the Ocean Beach Hotel. We have beautiful boutique accommodation, 2 bars and a very well-appointed restaurant. Visit us to find out why we have one of the beach bars Perth people have grown to love. We look forward to welcoming you!