Enjoy a Totally Unique Perth Function Experience

Enjoy a Totally Unique Perth Function Experience
August 19, 2019 Admin

When it comes to function room hire, Perth residents can be forgiven for feeling pretty confused. After all, our huge city offers thousands of function room hire opportunities to choose from, but not all of these will suit your needs.

If you are responsible for planning a function, you’ll understand all about the pressure to arrange something special and unforgettable that doesn’t break your budget. It’s a difficult job and one that can be pretty stressful too. Perhaps the biggest decision you need to make will be choosing from all the different function venues Perth-wide. So, how do you even begin to choose a place that holds universal appeal to the various different people who will be attending your function? Read on to find out more!

Get Planning Early

It’s crucial to select a venue that either has accommodation or that attendees can easily get to. So, you need to plan early. Select a few venues that you like the look of. Take the time to visit each of these so you can compare each package. Bear in mind the interests and the age range of your party so you can pick a venue that will be suitable for everyone. Also, you may wish to consider function venues Perth-wide that have disabled access.

Have a Good Idea About What You Want

Rather than having a boring old get together in a plain and faceless room, you want to find function room hire that’s memorable and attractive. Knowing what you want in advance, or at least having a pretty good idea of it is a good idea. When you can separate the middle of the road venues from the good ones, you’ll be able to cut your list down pretty quickly. Remember also to think about location, food, drink and entertainment options at each venue you consider.

Check Out the Venue

There is no better way to check out a venue than doing it in person. Yes, the internet can be so useful when you’re creating your shortlist and for looking at photos of each place, but you really need to visit your options in real life! When you do this, you can get a real feel for a venue’s atmosphere and can check out the general attitude of the staff too. You will also be able to take a look at the facilities and find out how accessible the place is.

Ask Questions

Don’t be scared to ask questions as successful event-planning depends on clear communications. Ask about catering for specific dietary requirements, menus, drinks packages and anything else that’s on your mind. You want to choose a venue that is open to a little give and take just in case!

The key to the perfect event is being able to find the middle ground that everyone in attendance will love. Of course, this can be pretty difficult to hit on however if you choose a good quality venue that has a little something for everyone then you really can’t go wrong.