Enjoy a Comfortable Relaxing Time at Cottesloe Beach

Enjoy a Comfortable Relaxing Time at Cottesloe Beach
January 20, 2020 Admin

Cottesloe Beach is a gorgeous place to spend time relaxing at. One of the most beloved beaches in Western Australia, this iconic place is just a stone’s throw away from Perth. With its pristine sands, lovely terraced lawns and shady Norfolk pines, Cottesloe Beach provides the perfect location to enjoy a family day out or just a lazy afternoon. Also, if you feel like making a weekend or even a week or two of it, there are plenty of beach hotels in Cottesloe.

There are lots of bars, cafes and restaurants to enjoy too. These are the perfect places for taking in a Sunday session, for drinks and for a bite to eat. When you visit Cottesloe, you’ll find a pace of life that suits you. Whether you’re looking for some lively entertainment or for a few quiet drinks by the sea, there’s something for everyone!

When to Visit 

Arguably, the best time to visit is between October and April. The weather is usually spot-on for relaxing on the beach at this time of year. Additionally, if you manage to get here in March, you will be able to take in the ‘Sculpture by the Sea’ exhibition. The beach becomes an amazing art gallery that has to be seen to be believed!

How to Get Here 

Cottesloe Beach is halfway between Perth and Fremantle so is easy to reach by train from Perth Railway Station or by bus from Elizabeth Quay Bus Station. The train is great as it runs every 15 mins and will get you here in less than 20. You can also get here by car in no time at all, however, unless you’re staying at a hotel with parking facilities, it could be difficult for you to find a space. Cottesloe is one of the most popular beaches in Western Australia!

Things to Do 

Perhaps you just want to sit back and relax when you come to Cottesloe. However, if you’re looking for some other relaxing ways to spend your time, there’s plenty going on. You can always pack a picnic and head out to some of the shady slopes that overlook the beach itself. You’ll be shielded from the sun by the tall Norfolk pines in the area so you can just relax without worrying about constantly having to reapply sun cream. Top tip – go earlier in the day so you don’t get annoyed by the beautiful yet noisy lorikeets!

If having some drinks in the company of new friends is your thing, then you cannot beat the Sunday Session at the Ocean Beach Hotel. Perth people and tourists alike enjoy gathering here to have an amazing time! You need to try this at least once during a stay in Cottesloe Beach. The great thing is that if you’re having a good few drinks, you can always book into the hotel to get a decent night’s sleep as well as an amazing breakfast in the morning.

Whatever you do when you visit us here at Cottesloe, make sure you drop in to see us at the Ocean Beach Hotel. We look forward to welcoming you!