7 Things To Do While Visiting Cottesloe Beach

7 Things To Do While Visiting Cottesloe Beach
June 18, 2019 Admin
7 Things To Do While Visiting Cottesloe Beach

Cottesloe Beach has been the go-to beach destination for Perth people for more than a century. It’s no wonder as the beach is a beautiful and safe place to enjoy surfing, swimming and snorkelling. With more than a kilometre of glorious white sands to enjoy, Cottesloe Beach is the ideal destination for weekends away and longer trips alike. There is great Cottesloe Beach accommodation to relax at after a long day at the beach. Look no further than the Ocean Beach Hotel to rest your weary head and to enjoy some amazing food and drinks while watching the sun set over the glistening Indian Ocean. With this in mind, let’s take a look at 7 things to do while you’re at Cottesloe Beach.

  1. Cycle the local trails

If you enjoy being active, then why not cycle or walk the route from Cottesloe to Hillarys? There are 25 kilometres of breathtaking coastline to explore but of course, you don’t need to go the whole length! Just choose which section appeals to you, hire a bike if you like and get moving! You can also cycle or walk the 16-kilometre cycling and walking Bush to Beach Trail that begins in Perth and ends near Cottesloe Beach.

  1. Enjoy a picnic on the beach

No one likes sandy sandwiches so perhaps you’d be better enjoying your picnic on the grassy Cottesloe Esplanade instead! You can get out of the sun for a while to enjoy relaxing in the shade of the giant Norfolk Pine trees. Here, you can while away the hours gazing out to the ocean with the chatter of the local rainbow lorikeet birds as your backdrop. You might even be lucky enough to catch an outdoor concert while you’re there!

  1. Dine beside the ocean

When you’re looking for relaxed, modern dining at a Cottesloe Beach hotel, the Ocean Beach Hotel is the place to be. Enjoy beautiful food and drinks as you look out on to one of the most amazing sunsets imaginable!

  1. Visit Sculpture by the Sea

Every March, the beach becomes a free sand sculpture exhibition. It’s well worth a visit to view amazing works by the best sand artists around!

  1. Go for a swim!

There are three areas of Cottesloe. The main beach is generally used for walking and swimming. South Cottesloe has no actual beach – just cliffs and rocky reefs whereas Peters Pool at North Cottesloe Beach is situated at the surf club and is perfect for snorkelling.

  1. Try surfing

When you’re in the area, why not try surfing? The local surfing school offers a Safe Surfing Program for people of all abilities and ages!

  1. Enjoy the local hospitality

When they’re looking for hotel accommodation, Perth WA residents always return to the Ocean Beach Hotel. One of WA’s living landmarks, there’s great food, drink and accommodation available here. You are always assured of the warmest of WA welcomes too.

So, if you’re looking for a more relaxed change of pace with the opportunity to be as active or as lazy as you like, come to Cottesloe Beach. We look forward to seeing you!